The Biotech Directory

The Biotech directory is a global database of biotechnology/life science companies and service providers that operate in the industry. Our aim is to provide a single resource that provides a listing of biotechnology companies, and those companies that are actively involved with the biotech industry, such as services providers, investors, distributors, etc.

The purpose of this is to enable biotech companies and other related companies to be quickly and easily found in different industry sectors, countries and even cities. It will also provide a means by which companies may identify other companies with which they may wish to collaborate, undertake licencing deals or even acquisitions.

Our mission is to increase the recognition and understanding of the biotechnology industry, and to facilitate collaboration and thus growth of the industry worldwide.

Our Mission

The Biotech Directory aims to provide a single source where you can find any company that is active in the broader biotechnology industry – whether it be a pharmaceutical company, a medical devices company, an investor that specialises in the sector, distributors, consultants, a research group active in agricultural biotechnology research, or any of the myriad other sectors and service providers that make up the broader biotechnology industry.

We aim to make this website an essential tool for everyone in the biotechnology industry.