Welcome to The Biotech Directory

The Biotech Directory is a useful resource for all types of biotechnology organisations to find and identify other organisations that might be useful service providers, investors, collaborators or potential targets for acquisition.

We aim to provide a “one-stop shop” to encourage the interaction between organisations in a collaborative environment that will help to enhance and grow the biotechnology industry.

Thus, here you can search for any type of company that is active in the broader  biotechnology industry.

We include companies active in the human therapeutics sector, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, biologics, etc, as well as other biotech sectors such as agriBio, waste management, environmental biotech, etc. 

We also provide the ability for other types of organisation that may be active in the broader biotechnology sector to list their details here.  Service providers such as consultants, CROs, CMOs, distributors, testing facilities and others that provide useful services to biotech companies are encouraged to list their details on the site so that you will be more easily found by organisations seeking the type of services that you offer.

If you are a company operating in the broader biotech industry, you can list your company on our site so that you can be found by others in the industry.  By listing your own organisation, you will have access to a wealth of other organisations, and you will be more easily found by others in return.