The Biotechnology Industry

What definition of “Biotechnology” do you use?2019-10-20T19:03:04+08:00

We use the broader definition of biotechnology to encompass the interaction between biological organisms and technology.  Thus, this includes pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, agricultural biotech, industrial biotech, food sciences, environmental management, etc.

The Biotech Directory

We have exciting news – can we post it on The Biotech Directory?2021-12-29T21:26:55+08:00

If you have some news about your company that you think would be of interest to our site visitors, then send us the details and we will post it in the news section if we think that it is appropriate.

Is the Biotech Directory global?2019-10-20T19:02:08+08:00

Yes.  The biotechnology industry is a global industry, so we encourage organisations from all over the world to list their details on The Biotech Directory.  You just never know from where your next contact, business or other opportunity may come from, so making the directory global enhances those opportunities for all.

Listing Your Company

My city does not appear in the list for location of office.2022-08-20T21:36:47+08:00

We have tried to include a large number of key cities in the listing, but if your city does not appear in the list under your state/province or country when completing the details on the listing form, please let us know and we will be happy to add it.

Who can list on the Biotech Directory?2022-08-20T21:35:46+08:00

If you are a company operating in the broader biotech industry, you can list your company on our site so that you can be found by others in the industry.  By listing your own organisation, you will have access to a wealth of other organisations, and you will be more easily found by others in return.

We include companies active in the human therapeutics sector, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, biologics, etc, as well as other biotech sectors such as agriBio, waste management, environmental biotech, etc.

We also provide the ability for other types of organisation that may be active in the broader biotechnology sector to list their details here.  Service providers such as consultants, CROs, CMOs, distributors, testing facilities and others that provide useful services to biotech companies are encouraged to list their details on the site so that you will be more easily found by organisations seeking the type of services that you offer.

I am a soloist, can I list on The Biotech Directory?2022-08-20T21:36:01+08:00

If you operate within the broader biotechnology industry, providing services or products, then you are more than welcome to list on The Biotech Directory.

Why should we list our company on The Biotech Directory?2022-08-20T21:36:12+08:00

Listing your company on The Biotech Directory is a simple and easy process with subscriptions that suit most organisations.

Your listing will then be available to be searched and accessed by visitors to the site.  The more information you provide, the more likely you are to be found by someone looking for a company that does what you do.

We’ve also added into the listing information the ability for you to flag what sort of interactions you are looking for from other companies.  For example, you might be interested in obtaining funding, so potential investors will be able to search that.  Similarly, you can search for investors that invest in your space.  Alternatively, you might be interested in doing some collaborative research with a university or another organisation, and interested organisations will be able to find you.

What are the benefits of listing on The Biotech Directory?2022-08-20T21:36:23+08:00

Having a listing on The Biotech Directory means that people and companies that are active in the industry will be able to find you easily.  It provides a low-cost additional marketing avenue for you to advertise your organisation.

An additional advantage arises from the link back to your website, which is always helpful for your site’s SEO.

Your Listing

What language can our listing be in?2019-10-20T19:12:37+08:00

We have made this site an English language site.  If, however, you feel that it is important that your listing also appear in another language, then we encourage you to include other languages in addition to English.

Please note that all listings are reviewed for approval prior to going live, and this will include a review of non-English language information. This may cause a slightly longer delay in the listing going live, but we will do our best to make that process as quick as possible.

Our listing isn’t showing.2019-10-20T19:10:05+08:00

In order to keep The Biotech Directory free from spammers and other undesirable elements, we approve any listing before it goes live.  Sometimes this might result in a small delay in time before your listing becomes visible.

We do a quick review of all listings to check that they are appropriate before we allow them to go live.  We hope that you will understand that we do this in the interests of keeping the directory relevant and useful.  We endeavour to approve your listing as quickly as we can.

If you have tried to add a listing that is inappropriate, then we will remove it immediately to prevent it from being published.  In this event, no refund will be given for the listing fee.

Help! The person who created our listing no longer works for us and we don’t have the details to access our listing.2019-10-20T19:09:12+08:00

If you have lost the contact details, password or other information required to access your listing, please contact us and we will help you reconnect.


Our currency is not listed. How can we pay in our own currency?2022-10-16T18:16:30+08:00

If your usual currency of business is not listed in the drop-down list, you can either use another currency (e.g. USD), or contact us and we will assist you in providing you with a means to make payment in your currency.  Please note that this might take a day or so to set up and that some currencies may not be possible to be added.

Is the listing fee an ongoing fee?2022-08-20T20:34:00+08:00

The listing fee payment interval is dependent on the term you choose – either monthly, annually or 3-yearly.  Your listing then remains active for the period you have chosen so you will need to renew your subscription after your chosen interval.   We will remind you when your listing is due to expire so that you can renew it.  If you choose not to renew, then your listing will expire and will be lost from The Biotech Directory.

How can we pay for our listing?2019-10-20T19:14:32+08:00

We accept MasterCard and Visa, as well as American Express and Diners club cards. Payments are processed through a secure payment gateway.

Do you keep our credit card details?2019-10-20T19:13:22+08:00

No. We do not keep details of your credit card when you make a payment. The details are forwarded to our secure payment system and are not saved by us.

This increases the security of your credit card details, and means that when you go to renew your listing, you will need to re-enter the card details again.

Updating a Listing

Can we update our listing with new details?2019-10-20T19:16:23+08:00

Of course. To update the details of your listing, all you need to do is log in to your account.

Renewing a Listing

Will you let us know when our listing is due to expire?2019-10-20T19:20:06+08:00

Yes. Reminder emails will be sent to the contact email address that we have for the listing prior to the expiry of your listing.

To ensure your listing doesn’t expire, please make sure that you keep the contact email address current.

Do we need to renew our listing?2022-08-20T20:44:12+08:00

Yes. Your listing will remain active for the period of time related to the subscription you have chosen – either monthly, annually or 3-yearly from when you first listed.

If you do not renew your listing before the expiry, it will no longer appear on The Biotech Directory.


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