Share Your News

If you have some news about achievements, events or milestones that your company might have reached, feel free to share it with our community.
Simply send us your news article and if it fits within our guidelines, we’d be happy to post it for you.

What are our guidelines?

As you might expect, we are interested in any news about companies that are listed on the Biotech Directory that might also be of interest to our readers.  This might include:

  • A significant achievement – e.g. FDA approval for a new product or successful merger with another company.
  • Milestone reached – e.g. successfully finished your Phase 2 clinical trial or celebrating a significant company birthday.
  • Company event – e.g. commencement of a new CEO or opening of a new office in a new country.

We’re also interested in any general news concerning the broader biotechnology industry (i.e. including pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other human therapeutics, as well as agricultural biotech, waste management and other biotechnology sectors).
We also expect, and it hardly needs to be written, that posts will be professional – i.e. not derogatory to other people or companies, devoid of swear words and other inappropriate language, and generally respectful.  We also ask that your articles not be “salesy” – i.e. trying to sell us your product or services – leave that to your own website.